Covid -19 & Our Policy



As the Uk is starting to open up and return to what was normality more after the recent lockdown we thought it was best to update out covid policy to refelect the changes that are happening and to hopefully answer some of your questions that you may have
As before for us here nothing has changed as we are lucky to still have unrestricted access to our workshop.


We do still have the follwing information avaible:


The Workshop.
We are currently working as normal in the workshop and the supply of parts, whilst still very slow due to the potal system are still arriving. If when your commision comes up for work on the bench and any parts ordered are still to arrive we will make you aware of this.


We have still reduced this to once a week to try and keep us safe a possible and also to help the local post office staff as they have reduced thier opening hours. There are lenghty queues at the local post office so please be aware that even if we have dropped your parcel off it may have missed the last collection for the day which can be any time in the afternoon.


This hasn’t changed as we don’t allow visitors unless by appointment and during this time we won’t be allowing any visitors for your and ours heath.


Site Visits.
Due to the nature of the work that we can do on site, and to still keep with the recommended social distancing, it won’t be possible to do site visits for the forseable future. Even with face coverings it will still be a struggle and with most access through other parts of the house we dont feel that it would be safe to do so and prevent transmission.



We will of course keep updating this poilcy and we will amend as and when nessacery to keep up with any of the goverment restrictsions and advice.
Stay safe & Happy Modelling.