Covid -19 & Our Policy

Statement updated 22/02/2021


Welcome to our Covid 19 Policy here at S.H.Modelmaking.
  Our aim to update this policy to keep in line with the latest restrictions and guidance issued by the UK goverment update out covid policy to refelect the changes that are happening and to hopefully answer some of your questions that you may have.
  You can see the latest information below:
The Workshop.
 We are still experencing some delays in the obtaining supplies from our suppliers who are also struggling to get supplies.
We are still working and to enable us to concentrate on the commissions we have decided to only answer emails and messages once a day, usually at the end of the working day.
Sorry of this causes any inconvince but we feel this is the best policy at this time.


We are still only posting once a week as we try to stay safe at this time. The local post office branch still doing single person working the counter there is some times a queue and visiting once a week makes best use of our time.
For you as the customer this may mean a delay in posting you parcel if you have missed the posting day for the week. We can of course speed up the process by extra postage being paid to have a courier collect the parcel whch is normally next day.
For more infmormation on this and the costs involved then please contact us.
 We still dont allow visitors to the workshop for security reasons and also to keep us and you safe. We may change this policy in the future.
Site Visits.
  We have started making site visits as restrictions have eased. We personally take a lateral flow test on Mondays and Thursdays to keep us safe.
If you start to feel unwell in the previous 9 days in before we visit you need to let us know and we can reschedual the visit. This is to keep you and us safe.
If we test positive we will inform you as soon we are able too and again reschedual. We also follow any guidlines in place at the time of visits and reserve the right to alter or cancel if needed.
We will of course keep updating this policy and we will amend/alter as and when nessacery to keep up with any goverment restrictsions and advice.
Stay safe & Happy Modelling.
Kind Regards