DCC Fitting



DCC Fitting

Digital Command and Control (DCC) brings a whole new level to the control of trains on a layout, including better low speed running and realistic operation. Unlike DC (analoge) trains can share the same section of track and each train can be controlled separately in any direction and speed. Lights stay illuminated at a constant brightness even when the train is sat idle, and can be controlled individually. DCC brings many improvements to a layout, which is why it is becoming so popular in this hobby.

  DCC ready trains can be converted by directly plugging a DCC decoder in to an NEM socket, and non DCC trains will need to have the decoder hard wired. It can be challenging to fit a DCC decoder, even an N gauge DCC ready chassis can prove difficult due to the lack of space and tight fit, therefore decoder selection is crucial. We can provide you with a bespoke DCC conversions, installing a decoder of your own choosing, or a high quality decoder recommended by us appropriate to the model and your requirements. All conversions include testing on a test track and programming the decoder to obtain optimal smooth slow speed operation.

  The performance of your DCC converted models can be improved further by installing a stay-alive circuit to your decoder. The issue of running over a set of points or a rail joint to find your model has stopped due to bad pick-up no longer exists. This is much more prevalent with Sound fitted models on short wheelbase models, when the sound stops and has to be reset. We are able to offer a retro-fit service to install a stay-alive circuit to your existing decoder, or as an added option to the instalation service. This service is provided subject to the suitability of the  decoder, and an inspection may be required before work commences.

Other services can also be undertaken at the same time as a conversion, such as cab or interior detailing, directional and prototypical lighting, weathering, and servicing (recommended for used models) before a conversion takes place.

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