Weathering is one of those marmite subjects as some people love it and some people hate it.

Weathering gives your models a sense of realism that they simply don’t have straight out of the box and removes their shiny plastic appearance. In reality even within a few days of service locos and wagons become dirtied so why not replicate this in model form. From track dirt to exhaust fumes it can all be replicated by us working from referance photos.


As well as offering a bespoke weathering service, we also offer weathered rolling stock via our online store.


  The cost to have an item weathered will depend on several factors, ranging from how dirty you would like it to what methods are used from a dusting of dirt to reflect stock not long in service to a thoroughly uncared for and dirty piece which has chipped faded paintwork etc. A multitude of colours, techniques and mediums are used to enhance the appearance of your stock.

 If you would like to have an item weathered then please contact as we will provide a bespoke quote for you.