Welcome along.

So a little bit later than planned here is our new revamped website. Whats changed I hear you ask, well the main change is the addition of our online store where we will be stocking lots of modeling products from glues and paints to the latest model rail items from Hornby.

We will also be adding plastic kits to the range and as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same applies to our stock range as we will be adding more items and ranges over the coming months.

The portfolio page is currently being improved with a new gallery set up. So if you would like to have a look at some of the commsisions we have completed for customers. When the new gallery is up and running, you now have three options to choose from;

  • Model railway
  • Cars, boats, planes and even submarines built from plastic and resin kits!
  • Personal projects.

On this page you will also fine a list of what is coming up on the bench in the coming months so you can see what commissions are being worked on in the near future.

As ever we contiune to push the boundries of what we create not only for customers along with ourselves and in the process learning and try new techniques which will be documented on the blog page. Along with the latest news and products that we have come across which we think you will be intrested to read about

As before we have the list of exhibitions that we will be attending, weither that is as a demo, with a layout or working with one of our corporate clients.

We do have more additons to make over the coming months to provide you the visitior with more additions to the site so please keep checking back

Thanks for reading.

The S. H. Modelmaking team.