Hello and welcome along to the new S H Modelmaking website.

What is different, you ask?

Well it has a fresher feel and is a lot easier to use. It is still a work in progress, hence why some of the links are not fully functioning yet. This will be addressed, as we continue to work on this site and showcase the services available to you.

What are the plans?

As with all good websites, it will develop over time with more new items added, when projects that are in the pipeline come to fruition.

One of the new features is the blog. This is where you can keep up to date with what is going on on the workbench. The blog will have more detail about what is being worked on and how this is being carried out. This blog will have more detail than other social media posts from SH Modelmaking.

Please feel free to comment on the website, should you find any problems or successes.

Many thanks for reading,


S H modelmaking

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Like the new website, nice to see examples of your work in the portfolio section. I attended your talk at Shildon on DCC, very informative and enjoyable. I will introduce myself when the next opportunity arises, probably at an exhibition; best wishes for the future, regards, Kev

    1. HI Kev,
      Many thanks for your comments about the site.
      Glad you enjoyed the talk yesterday. Please say hi if your at a show, it would be good to meet you. The shows I am attending this year will be posted up in the exhibitions page.

  2. I recently commissioned Simon to build me a DJH Thompson A2/3 in 00 gauge, on receiving the model I was more than just delighted with the model, it certainly exceeded all my expectations, so I`ve commissioned Simon to build a DJH Pppercorn A1

    1. Many Thanks for the kind comments John and I’m looking forward to building the A1 for you.
      Kind Regards

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